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Cernoix: Walnuts and Kernels from the Perigord, France



CERNOIX is a small company specializing in the supply of premium walnuts and kernels.


The company was founded in 2000 and took over the "Etablissements Planche" in Nabirat (Dordogne, France) in 2005.

We are located in South-West France in the heart of the production area of walnuts.

In 2007, CERNOIX applied for the HACCP standard.

In 22011, CERNOIX had new premises built in Terrasson (Dordogne, France). This convenient geographical location allows us to be both :

-near our French and foreign customers, since we are close to the A89 highway.
-near our producers since we are now located on the "walnut route", at the very heart of the area producing the Perigord walnut with an AOP label.

Nos locaux à Terrasson


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