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Cernoix: Walnuts and Kernels from the Perigord, France


100% Manual Nut-cracking in the Production Area

CERNOIX is a small company specializing in the supply of superior quality walnuts and kernels.

Because of its shape and complexity, the walnut is among all of the shell-fruit the most difficult to extract from its shell mechanically. We need to preserve the physical integrity, the visual aspect and the flavour of the kernels. So, shell-cracking and extracting the kernels are 100% hand made.

As the tradition of evening gatherings dedicated to nut-cracking has been lost and the population pyramid tends to flatten out, this activity had been almost eradicated from our national land. So, with the help of our producers, we have decided to maintain this 100% manual activity in the AOP production area of Perigord Walnuts. This is the only way to guarantee perfect kernels, ideal for decorating and to preserve their organoleptic characteristics.

The sorting also remains manual, thus ensuring the respect of specifications as regards defects on the oroduct and the absence of foreign bodies.

The other processes of treatment of the kernels are widely automated. This guarantees drastic respect of sanitary standard.

Technical Follow-Up

Our expertise in how to run orchards entitles us to assure technical follow up. In our orchards, the "FRANQUETTE" variety is mainly grown but our producers now also turn to other varities such as "FERNOR" and "CHANDLER".


We ship our walnuts and kernels mainly to France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.


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